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  • Sat Sep 2 2017
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  • Thu Aug 24 2017
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  • Sun Aug 20 2017
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  • Sat Aug 19 2017
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  • Wed Jul 26 2017
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  • Mon Jul 24 2017
    Mark our sales rep was amazing, he really took the time to make sure that all mine and my husband's questions were answered. We ended up with a 2012 Outback. He worked with us on the price and went above and beyond to make sure we walked away happy. Overall experience was great.
  • Wed Jul 12 2017
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  • Tue Jul 11 2017
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  • Sun Jul 9 2017
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  • Sun Jul 9 2017
    Great customer service
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  • Esme Orr
    Tue May 30 2017
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  • Rebecca
    Tue Jun 14 2016
    Jeff Rodriguez at Cater Subaru in Ballard was very helpful and made the experience of buying a new car a fun one. I was afraid of feeling pressured to buy and did not feel that way at all while working with him. He also took the time to explain the features of the car, which I found very helpful.
  • Bruce
    Wed Apr 13 2016
    I have bought 3 cars from Ballard Carter Subaru over the last 10 years, and each was a good experience. I had a bad transmission in one car under warrantee, which was fixed and later replaced. Our salesman each time has been Victor Nebre, who wasn't pushy, gave us a good deal which was fair, made sure we were satisfied and continued with good service even after the sale. Not sure what more you can ask for really from a car dealer. Thanks VIctor!
  • Elliott
    Wed Mar 23 2016
    Really enjoyed working with Victor in Ballard. He gave us a wonderful test drive and let the car speak for itself. Additionally we were able to move relatively quickly when we decided to pull the trigger. Great no pressure service, and I had a great time.
  • Spencer Lane
    Mon Mar 21 2016
    Tony and Sarah in the internet sales team are both amazing. I inquired about a car online, and received an email within 15 minutes from Tony. The car I wanted wasn't available immediately, so they worked with me and the repair schedule to make sure I was the first person to view and test drive the car. They were very helpful and answered all of the questions I had. They were even able to get me a second set of keys/remote and a set of all weather floor mats. Definitely a great experience!
  • John
    Thu Mar 3 2016
    This is the second Subaru I've bought through Carter Subaru Ballard, and the second I've bought through Victor Nebre. He and everyone at Carter have been responsive and able to answer all questions I ask. I will continue to be a repeat customer and send everyone I know to Carter and Victor. Thank you Carter!
  • Deirdre
    Wed Feb 3 2016
    experience was totally satisfying. They found me the car I wanted, and it turned out to be even better than I'd expected.
  • Customer
    Sat Oct 31 2015
    I've been looking for a car for a month or so now, and going to plenty of dealerships. I've never felt so upset and offended as I was coming here. We looked at one car and we're ready to buy, but the employee seemed to not want our money. We told him we were visiting for a few weeks from out of town and wanted to put some money down, and finance the rest. He said he wouldn't take our personal check because it would take weeks to process and we could just be trying to run away with the car. We left quickly, with no car. I definitely will not be returning.
  • Martin C. Thomas
    Sat Oct 31 2015
    I have purchased numerous new and used vehicles from a multitude of dealerships over the years. Rarely, if ever have I had the pleasure of working with a sales person of the quality, integrity and character of Lynnette Rice. She is a courteous, genuine, professional person who went above and beyond what I ever would have expected. I would highly recommend visiting Lynnette before making your purchase; truly you will do yourself a favor, get a great deal, be responded to quickly, all without pressure. Martin C. Thomas
  • Carlye
    Tue Sep 15 2015
    I've purchased two cars from Carter Subaru, and I would absolutely go back. I worked with Victor both times, and the process was quick, easy and relatively painless. Victor is an easy going guy, he's great to work with! Vince also helped me too, he spent hours talking with me about my options, and was very direct and honest about what my best move would be in the process. I would go back to Carter just because of the time he spent on my sale.
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  • beenthere8
    Sat Oct 26 2013
    I've seen it happen before, but never to me until now. Lube tech drove my wife's 2013 Golf out off the shop rack and into the driveway, without filling it with oil, probably about 30 seconds. Even worse was the service advisr's [non-permissible content removed] attitude about it. Avoid this sorry rundown disaster of a service dept with everything you have. I've worked in the automotive repair industry world wide all my life and I have never seen an armpit of a place like this. This grotty dump is the appendix of the automotive world. I had to shower when I got home.
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  • freds7
    Wed Nov 3 2010
    Went for service there a couple times. Not impressed, took my business elsewhere. Now months later I just got a long robocall message from them trying to sell me something. If you decide to do business with them DO NOT give them your phone number.
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  • tkummelman
    Mon Oct 4 2010
    I recently had the pleasure of purchasing a 2009 Subaru Legacy from Carter Subaru. Simple negotiations, easy to work with and great people made this my most pleasurable experience purchasing a car, EVER. James Bennett, my salesman was very knowledgeable, polite and great while watching my son while we completed our paperwork. Everyone we met at Carter Subaru including James Bennett, Ward Fleischmann (Sales Manager) and Dan Murphy (Sales Manager) did their very best to make this buying experience smooth and easy and I can promise you this, we will be back!
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  • auntydiluvian
    Mon Sep 13 2010
    This was my first new car purchase but I went to many dealers while looking for a vehicle. My salesperson was pleasant, attentive, and straightforward, I loved the car I test drove but he discussed competitors strengths and weaknesses fairly and honestly. I got a decent price and a good loan with minimal hassle. Some of the business staff I dealt with seemed a little more true to the shifty-car-salesdude stereotype, I ignored their tactics but it lent an unfortunate air of grease to an otherwise great buying experience.
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  • saabdudenw
    Sat May 2 2009
    I usually take my car to the other Carter in shoreline, but the last couple of times they were kinda rude, and that's not ok with me. So when my WRX needed a major service, I called the Carter in ballard, and their quote was about 15% less than their shoreline store..sold..I gave them a call to set up the appointment and they were really friendly..I dropped off my car as scheduled, and took the shuttle van(they have loaners, but I don't work too far from there) when I picked up my car that afternoon, the bill was 10% lower than they had quoted, and came with a free car wash ticket!! I will always go to Carter in ballard..thanks John and the rest of your staff
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  • Rachael Lindsay
    Mon May 22 2017
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  • Rebecca Young
    Mon May 15 2017
    I recently leased a 2017 Subaru Forester thru Carter and had a wonderful experience! Bryan Deanda has been so helpful throughout the entire process and continues to be prompt in answering all my questions. Thank you so much Bryan and Carter Subaru for making this a painless and enjoyable experience!
  • Kerry Marie Holifield
    Sat Apr 29 2017
    Horrible customer service. Drove 20 minutes to look at several vehicles after speaking with Shelly, when I arrived she was with another customer. Patricia at the front desk was rude, and called once in 15 minutes for someone to assist me. Waste of a trip.
  • Katie Wilde
    Sat Apr 29 2017
    I had an awesome experience buying my car through Carter Subaru in Ballard. I had a list of exactly what I wanted and my salesman Victor Nebre made sure they found it and got it to their dealership. They were extremely helpful and I recommend them to everyone. I LOVE my new car!
  • Claire Robinson
    Sun Mar 19 2017
    I bought a new forester from Bill Koch at Carter Subaru in Ballard, and it was the best car dealership experience I've ever had! Bill was genuinely nice and clearly invested in our happiness. Not pushy at all, instead made sure we knew our options and were well educated on the specifics of each. He gave us a very fair price, and helped us find the exact vehicle we were looking for. What a great guy! I will tell all my friends who are looking for a new car to call Bill. Great experience.
  • Cory Wegner
    Tue Mar 7 2017
    The lack of attention in my "full car check" put me and my passengers safety at risk on the mountain pass. 3 weeks after a full inspection my brakes are at 0%, completely locked up and left my car stranded 3 hours away from home in a shop I don't trust. I will never use Carter subaru again and will make sure no one I knows does.
  • Casey Brown
    Sun Feb 19 2017
    I emailed back and forth with, Bill (internet sales manager) about an outback. Yesterday, I decided to go to carter in shoreline because it was closer and I was working with someone there. I checked my email today and saw Bill asked if we could reschedule a time to come in or if I have any questions to let him know because he wanted to earn my business. When i replied I thanked him for reaching out and told him I went to shoreline. He responded with " Wow, after all the emails back and forth I did a lot more than reach out". How rude is that? That is not how you earn business. Totally uncalled for. I cannot add a screenshot to this post so check the comment below.
  • Candy Johns
    Sun Jan 1 2017
    Thank you Ted Reich great job with selling me my new OB 3.6
  • Jonathan Breakspear
    Sat Dec 31 2016
    Thank You Carter Subaru Ballard, especially Tammy, you saved our Christmas Holiday in Seattle! You got us a loaner car and squeezed our car in for an emergency repair even though you were booked solid for the next 3 weeks with appointments. Our 2010 Forester is now running better than ever. You got our Subaru back on the road in less than 48 hours. Your Customer Service is totally pro and you went above and beyond to save our Holiday. Thank You! Jonathan + Becky, Vancouver, Canada
  • Jason Allen Stucky
    Sat Nov 12 2016
    Bought a new Subaru Outback here from Victor Nebre. Very easy salesman to deal with. I really liked his approach and honesty. If you're thinking of buying a Subaru I would recommend buying from Victor.
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  • Frankie Paige
    Sat Sep 2 2017
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  • Lindsay Morse
    Thu Aug 24 2017
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  • Emily Kennedy
    Sun Aug 20 2017
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  • Charles Wolford
    Sat Aug 19 2017
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  • Janice Behrens
    Wed Jul 26 2017
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  • Angela Kusche
    Mon Jul 24 2017
    Mark our sales rep was amazing, he really took the time to make sure that all mine and my husband's questions were answered. We ended up with a 2012 Outback. He worked with us on the price and went above and beyond to make sure we walked away happy. Overall experience was great.
  • Gabe Ingram
    Wed Jul 12 2017
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  • Richard Wagoner
    Tue Jul 11 2017
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  • Angela Low
    Sun Jul 9 2017
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  • Terance L
    Sun Jul 9 2017
    Great customer service